Making Baby’s Room: Phase IV – Prime & Chair Rail

This post is pretty easy (so I have no idea why it took me so long to do it!). Priming the walls just involves putting white primer paint on the walls. Installing a chair rail is a little more difficult, but the part that I did was not hard at all. I just painted the chair rail while it was on the floor. The pictures show this. It was Grandma and Grandpa who did the cutting of the angles and the nailing to the walls. Anyhow, I must say that it is looking good!

closet door


remember the electric box and hole in the wall?

another view of the room


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Making Baby’s Room: Phase III – Mud and Sand

After the wire issue was solved, the next step was to fill the space under the electric box, mud the wall seams, and then sand the walls (with a machine and by hand). This was probably the most awful part of all the various phases. Mudding walls is not so bad, it is the sanding. First, Future Grandpa (FG) applied the mud, and then he sanded. What a CHORE! Such a terrible job to get all that dust everywhere and all over yourself! Many, many thanks to him! Future Grandma (FGm) did the hand sanding, which was great. My job was to clean up the mess when it was all over. Here we have the pictures of the mudded walls. It is hard to tell the difference between sanded walls and unsanded walls in the pictures, so just know what took place, and that the next step is to prime the walls with some nice orderless white primer.

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Making Baby’s Room: Phase II – Wire Removal

Well, the men decided that the next step in getting the nursery ready was to address the issue of the electrical box and exposed wires in the room. I am very glad that my husband is so skilled with electricity and had a plan for how to do this. Otherwise, I might have been stuck with what the previous home’s owner decided to do: just paint the wires to match the room decor. First of all, the people who installed the AC unit really, REALLY should have done a better job. I mean, they were already under the house doing duct work. Why not cut the hole and run the wires through the wall to the electrical box vs. drill a hole in the hardwood floors from under the house, cut a hole a the bottom of the box, and then go through the wall? Whatever. I could write a entire blog on the problems we have encountered with the “deluxe” AC unit we inherited with the purchase of this home. (The first problem I would love to write about would be discovering that all the duct work upstairs had been put on backwards!?!?! Anyhow, back on topic.) So that’s the background on the wires on the wall. The man team decided to cut a section out of the wall, pull the wires down, drill holes where the wires should come up through the wall, and then reattach them in the electrical box. Sounds easy enough, except this meant that the husband had to go under the house. Bless his heart. After thinking about this feat for probably two hours, he got the nerve to go halfway in, and then backed out. Granted, there is very little crawl space under the house, it is snake season, and there is so much trash that later when we cleaned out the crawl space, the junk filled a truck bed and a trailer. What sort of business just leave all their trash under someone’s house? Oh, I guess that would be those quality AC unit installers I mentioned previously. Long story short, he did accomplish the goal with the help of our trusty little Jack Russel terrier mix, Toby. Toby was sent to inspect under the house ahead of the husband, then together they did the needed drilling and wire work. As a side note, Toby sat on my husband’s back and watched while he did the work he needed to do under the house. Such a strange animal. Well, here we have the documentation of Phase II.

close up of the nasty box


the wires off the wall about to be pushed into the floor


man team cutting the wall


the wall cut and all the gross insulation


Daphne supervising the progress


the brave little helper resting after his evening of work


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Making Baby’s Room: Phase I – Cleaning Out

The first step in creating our little nursery was getting my husband’s things out of it, a process I was quite sure would not happen. We started on it in May, looking at one of his treasures at a time, and then putting it in one of the following categories: Outside, Ebay, Inside, Sell at Auction, Trash. Just two boxes alone took hours of sorting stretched out over weeks of time. You can just imagine my surprise, awe, amazement when I returned from visiting my brother across the country to find the room completely emptied except for the few baby items we had already received. Thus, Phase I, in my opinion, was successfully completed. I am so very grateful to my in-laws for helping my husband with this painful process. Before, we go any further in this journey, let me explain a few things.

1. I am not a writer, and I pretty much hate doing it. Please excuse my mistakes and things. I feel that I am doing fantastic to even get this far, much less spend time editing, proofing, perfecting,etc.  Thanks!

2. The pictures displayed in the Phase I post serve basically two purposes. One: to show the room’s starting point, and to show how pleased I was to get to this starting point. I absolutely hate that I don’t have pictures showing the complete mess the room was in prior to being cleaned out, but trust me… I had NO idea I would return home to find it this way!

Okay, so here are the “before” pictures, but please know how extremely hard it was to even get this far…

our sweet baby's things... to be moved to the living room

the exposed AC wires leading to nasty electric box

the before nursery ceiling fan... yuck!

the ugly AC vent, visible wall seams, unfinished trim work (cute chair I already made)

ugly closet with some of baby's clothes

the cable and internet hookups in the room

the other corner of the room with nasty floor, electric box , and exposed wires

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7 weeks and 5 days

I am at 7 weeks and 5 days. This has been a struggle so far. Now I understand that so far I have probably not suffered that much, especially compared to some other moms to be. I mean I have not vomited any, and I have only felt sick maybe three days in past several weeks. The main different I have felt is that I am exhausted. Not normal exhausted, but exhausted as in I have NO desire to do anything that involves moving or hardly talking. Pretty much my brain feels like it is at a very low functioning stage, so making conversation makes it work, which in itself is tiring. Don’t get me started on the struggle teaching has been! Everyone says it will get better. “Don’t worry! It will get better!” they say. I am not worried at all. I fully believe that it will get better. It just SUCKS right now. So what do I do to keep myself awake and to try to focus? EAT. Not only am I starving ALL the time, but my natural reaction to being tired is to eat. I said good-bye to my size two jeans two weeks ago. It is pretty frustrating that I am only supposed to gain 3 to 5 pounds in the first trimester, which ends in another 3 weeks. Let’s just say that I have already gained what is supposed to be the “max” for weight gain. My doctor’s appointment cannot come fast enough. Seventeen days to go. Then I will be on 10 weeks, beginning week number 11.

Websites I have enjoyed:

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Yes, you can paint a ceiling fan.

This summer I decided to really put some effort into making over my bedroom. The main problem that I dealt with during this process was my budget. It was basically zero dollars. Because of this buying a new light fixture was pretty much out of the question. So what to do with my “came with the house” ceiling fan?I went out on a limb and decided that, “Yes, I could paint it.” I don’t have “before” pictures to show, so I will attempt to be descriptive enough so that you can visualize it. Plain white on top of a white ceiling. How’s that? I thought about painting the ceiling, but decided to stick with the fan. Since it was my first try, I went with the easy plan. Of course, stencils, patterns, and other fun details can be added, but like I said, I went with the easy way. Here’s the “easy” how to:

Materials Needed:

  1. Drill & appropriate drill bit (or screwdriver, but if your fan is like mine and already installed, that screwdriver technique is going to get old extremely fast)
  2. Water based spray paint color of your choice
  3. Large outdoor area or somewhere to spray paint



  1. As you can see from the photo, there are a LOT of screws in a ceiling fan. You need to unscrew all of them.
  1. There are even more hidden screws, and this is just one blade of four!

  2. You also also need to sort the “loose screws” in to piles so that you can easily remember which ones go to which blade and which area on the fan.
  3. This might need to be step (1), but it’s not a must. Decide what you are going to paint! The blades, the metal, or both? I decided to paint just the white blades in this situation, but I am highly considering going back and painting the metal part of the fan black.
  4. CLEAN and DRY what you are going to paint. Enough said.
  5. Go for it! Be sure to have a well ventilated area, and shake your paint cans!
  6. Let your project completely dry, and then add any other details that you would like to add.
  7. Put it all back together, and then you have turned a plain old white on white light fixture to something that can really stand out in your home, and for just a few dollars!

The silver ceiling fan with dim lighting.

The silver ceiling fan in brighter lighting.

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